Simon Tricoire

IT Student specialized in Image Synthesis,
in Bordeaux University


My name is Simon, after two years of learning advertising and some work experiences,
I decided to start new studies in a completely different field : computer science.
2020 will be the end of my master degree in computer science specialized in image and sound.

I'm currently doing my internship in SolidAnim.
I coded and designed this website with environmental concerns in mind. It's cleaner than 73% of webpages tested and emits 0.43g of CO2.


Look at my profil on gitlab : My Gitlab

and download my resume : In english / In french


June - September 2020
(4 months)

OpenVR and Unity developper

- Make several OpenVR plugins to override tracking of HMD and controllers in VR.
It was coded in C++, for Qtm software of motion tracking and FreeD protocol.
- Development of GUI interfaces in Python to configure the plugins.

Start-up Cal&Gift

April - June 2015
(3 months)

Communication Manager

- Realization of a market study
- Setting up a Communication plan with a view to the app
- Realization of a communication document for suppliers

ekolo[geek] association

April - May 2014
(2 months)

Freelance copywriter

- Copywriter work
- Creation of a graphical charter
- Mastering of computer-aided production software (Scribus)

C++ / C

I use it daily for my image synthesis projects, during which, I developed a good practice and understanding of OpenGL.

C# / Unity

I made several games with it. I know the basics of scenes, objects, interaction, animation and scripting in Unity.


Very nice to code with, and very powerful, especially for deep learning projects (Keras, TensorFlow).

Html / Css

Don't have much experience with it, but I had the opportunity to use it for fun VR projects, and to build this site. I learned a lot about flexbox.

Adobe xd

I really use Photoshop frequently : for my games, my assets, this website, etc. Adobe xd helped me to correctly design my website.

Git / Bash Shell

Use it daily. Proficiency of use.


I was certified TOEFL C1 during my Master. Professional and technical ability, along with a more casual fluency.


I spent a few dozen hours trying to model the fictional city of my comic book.

Cooperator in Supercoop (2019 - Now)

This is a food cooperative in which I am invested for a year now.
It completely changes my way of doing my shopping.

Amateur Game Developer (Last game March 2020)

Games are one of my passions video games as well as board games. I read and learn a lot about it, whether on their technical design ("Pause Process"), their game design ("Game Next Door") or the indies ("IndieGames").
I always wanted to make some games and finally, last year I took the plunge and made several games using Unity. I also redesigned a board game with a group of friends.

First Game published : Glitch'aat (January to March 2020)

I made this game with three of my friends during the GlobalGameJam. The theme was "repair" and so we tried as much as we can, to recreate a buggy and glitchy windows interface which you have to try to debug, with the help of a clumsy reparator.
I worked around 100 hours on this project in order to produce a polished game. During this process I learned a lot on unity's Canvas on which I have struggled a lot before, on animation, on interactivity and it showed me the work you have to put in, in order to finish a game, even a little one. We also did an itch.io page where you can find our game.

First Game Jam & VR experience (November 2019)

My second Game creation occurred during my first game Jam, the "Jamming Assembly" which gathered game, animation and sound jam. On a team of four we did a 3D prototype around the theme of "Space" about a cube which had to modify his capacity (for eg : climb to wall, be on fire etc.) to escape from his cell.
Even if, we couldn't release it on time (malediction of the first jam, I supposed), I learned a lot about C# Script in Unity, camera and a bit of level design.

As part of one of my course, I also made a VR game with another student. The aim was to implement two algorithms described in two research papers. The first one proposed a way of doing Handsfree omnidirectional VR navigation using head tilt. The second one, more difficult to implement, proposed a Vr-Step algorithm to transcribe real step movement into navigation inside the game. This project was an opportunity for me to work on VR, to implement a VR click Tool and gain some knowledge on mobile build.

First Game : Don't Touch The Pillar (October 2019)

Since it was my first one and I knew nothing whatsoever of Unity, I took inspiration from this tutorial from "Mix and Jam" youtube channel. As the tutorial was rather guided I was able to learn the basics of Unity (movements with the mouse, animations, sounds, gameplay loops, menus etc).

Redesign of "Shadow Hunters" boardgame (June 2019)

As I said earlier, I love board games and design. Thus, with a group of friends we decided to redesign an original board game in the universe of Star Wars. I worked on it during 70 hours, doing photoshop design of all the 90 cards with my friends. It was a very fun experience and I learned a lot of useful skills in photoshop.

Shadow Hunter original design

Our Shadow Hunter Version

Illustrations by Hoon, fans of star wars, and from the Shadow Hunter game .